Pricing Options

Take control of the way you pay for music distribution. Artist-friendly pricing flexibility gives you three different ways to unlock 100% of what Songflowr offers.


One-time fee per release

per release

Pay just once and your release is up for life.


No upfront cost

of royalties

We only make money if you make money.


Annual subscription

per year

Unlimited releases with no additional fees.

One-time fee


With a simple one-time fee per release you will be able to distribute your tracks and never worry about additional fees for keeping your releases on streaming platforms, digital stores, and social media outlets.

no up-front cost

Revenue Share

Choosing the revenue share option ensures you only pay for music distribution if you actually make money with your releases. We don’t get paid unless you do! A flat 8% share of your earned royalties is what Songflowr would receive in this option.

Yearly Subscription


In the unlimited option, you are able to release as many tracks as you want for a small annual fee of $39 per artist.


Full Circle Distribution
One Time Payment Options
Automaticly Split Royalties
Easily Collaborate
Distribute to Over 125 Stores
No Additional Fees

Price Options


$20 per release


Only 8%


$39 per year