Songflowr Features

Easily distribute your tracks to over 125 streaming platforms and digital stores. Take advantage of our pricing flexibility to build the perfect fit for each release.

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Reach Billions of Listeners Worldwide

Easily distribute your music on platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Facebook, Tidal, Instagram, TikTok, Shazam, and many more, reaching billions of potential listeners across the globe.

Easily Collaborate & Split Payouts

Automatically set royalty payouts with collaborators and schedule payments via Paypal. Collaborators do NOT need to sign up for a Songflowr account to receive payouts like you do with our competitors.

Music Marketing Tools

Get verified on Spotify and easily schedule a future release to set up pre-save campaigns and pitch your song to playlist curators before the release goes public.

Gather & Analyze Streaming Data

Songflowr’s personalized dashboard collects and organizes your streaming data across all platforms and digital stores to give you detailed demographic information about your listeners. Locate your unique target audience and begin converting listeners into fans.

Tools for Record Labels

Easily manage an unlimited number of artists from one Songflowr dashboard. Automatically set and schedule custom royalty payouts to every participant on every track. Streamline the way your music business does distribution.

Lifetime Distribution Made Easy