How to Promote Your New Song Across all Platforms

Releasing a new song is an exciting moment in an independent artist’s career. A new song represents a new opportunity, a new step in your career, and a chance to attract new fans. However, we often see artists approach this in the wrong way. And we understand, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of constantly creating and releasing new music.

That said, it isn’t the most strategic or effective way to market yourself as an artist.

In fact, it’s much more effective to take a single song and create multiple pieces of content out of it that you then plug across all of your platforms. That brings us to our point here today. In this article, we are going to give you a marketing and promotion plan for your next single that you can use across all different online channels. 

Well get started by releasing the full track on Spotify.

Put Your New Track on Spotify

This should be an easy starting point, but when you have a new song, get the full track up onto your Spotify page. From here we will be breaking the song up into chunks to use as different pieces of content, but the song as a whole is also a piece of content itself.

The one piece of ‘expert’ advice we’ll add here, make sure to enhance the experience for your audience by using a tool like Canva. Canva is the visual looping tool that you see on some songs when you listen on Spotify. We can’t recommend you using this enough.

Promote the Song on Instagram

Instagram continues to grow and improve as an asset for independent artists. The strategy here is to chop your new songs up into many new smaller pieces of content that you can use to entice new listeners. 

Share the song on Instagram live, make a dance and put it on reels, showcase parts of the music video in your stories and with posts. Finding a variety of ways to showcase your song on Instagram will increase your reach and give you endless amounts of content to use without needing to make too many new songs.

Promote Your Song On YouTube

YouTube is another extremely valuable platform for musicians that allows you to provide visuals to your audience and grow a subscribership. For starters, creating a music video for your major singles is a good place to begin on YouTube. However, music videos aren’t cheap in terms of money or labor. That means that independent artists need to get creative with maximizing their impact on this channel.

Another option to look at for visuals is animated videos or lyric videos. Both of these can be done for a much more budget friendly price and both will give your listeners a visual experience while listening to your new song. Like any other part of your career, quality matters, so still give this thought and make it look good. But even so, it will be way less difficult than creating a whole live-action music video.

Next, you can utilize live performances. Whether this is through YouTube live or with prerecorded live performances, you have the ability to get a live performance version of your song to your listeners. Then in the description you can link off to your video or the song on Spotfiy.

Lastly, set up a live premiere of the song through YouTube live. Play the song on stream and then field questions from fans about it. Leading up to it you can promote the event across all of your accounts and use this event to share the song and to engage with your audience.

Build Your Plan & Repeat With Each Song

The formula that we have laid out today will help you promote your music and ensure that you have enough content for all of your platforms and enable you to grow your following on each. If you focus on just creating endless amounts of new music, the quality of your songs will take a hit and it will be difficult for anyone song to catch on and build a buzz.

The honest truth is if you want music to become your full time job then you need to approach it with a business mindset. Marketing your music and creating a marketing campaign for each song you release will allow you to properly build a following and maximize the value of each of your songs.

As you repeat this process, remember that data is always your best guide. Track how well each piece of content performs on each platform and use that data to learn what each audience prefers. With that intel, you can continue to refine your approach and most effectively grow your audience.

Get out there and continue to build your music career!


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