How it Works

How does music distribution work and what is the impact on your music business?

Step 1

The Basics

Digital streaming platforms (DSPs) and online stores have certain requirements that music and artwork must meet before being made available to audiences. With Songflowr, you can ensure that your music meets each platform’s standards and is primed for a successful release every time.

Step 2

The Details

Once you’re ready to distribute your music, Songflowr puts you in charge of the meta-data that DSPs and online stores use to identify your release. 

With Songflowr, you can easily provide credit to collaborators, like featured artists or producers, on the front end, and ensure that any third-party, like a manager or a business partner, is paid their fair share on the back end automatically.

Step 3

The Release

Songflowr lets you plan the release date for your music ahead of time and puts you in charge of which DSPs and online stores you choose to release on. As a bonus, if any new DSPs or online stores become available in the future you will have the option to automatically distribute to them for no added cost.

Step 4

The Data

As soon as your music is live on DSPs and online stores, Songflowr begins collecting and organizing user data from every listener on every platform through your personalized artist dashboard. Songflowr lets you view this user data and focus in on your unique target audience.

Step 5

The Payments

Songflowr automatically collects your revenue from DSPs and online stores. Songflowr does not take any of the money that you earn from streaming and allows you to schedule who gets paid what for each release. Each release on Songflowr is a one-time fee, and remains on DSPs and online stores for life.


Full Circle Distribution
One Time Payment Options
Automatic Split Royalties
Easily Collaborate
Distribute to
 Over 125 Stores
No Additional Fees

Price Options


$20 per release


$39 per year