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How Songflowr Makes Music Distribution Simple

Music is both a key yet frustrating part of every musician’s career. Music distribution is essentially how your music is delivered to different channels to be heard. Here is a more formal definition for any beginners out there. “Music distribution is the way that the music industry makes recorded music available to consumers. It’s a core aspect of its business model, and it makes it possible… Read more »

Three Strategies for Growing Your Subscriptions on YouTube in 2021

YouTube is one of the largest digital media platforms for musicians currently. It’s where users consume music videos, it’s where they search out your past live performances, and it’s a great way for independent artists to tell their stories. Today, we are talking about three strategies for growing your subscriptions on YouTube to give you a path to a successful year. We will go into each… Read more »

Two Ways to Use Instagram Reels to Grow Your Fanbase

Instagram is an extremely valuable platform that enables artists to connect with their audience and grow their fanbases. As the platform continues to evolve, artists have more ways than ever to get their music and content in front of new potential fans. Instagram Reels has provided artists with another way to improve their content strategy on the platform and to get their music in front of… Read more »

How to Promote Your New Song Across all Platforms

Releasing a new song is an exciting moment in an independent artist’s career. A new song represents a new opportunity, a new step in your career, and a chance to attract new fans. However, we often see artists approach this in the wrong way. And we understand, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of constantly creating and releasing new music. That said, it… Read more »