Artist Friendly Music Distribution

Songflowr allows musicians at all levels to have more power and control over their music businesses.


Release your music to over 125 of the world’s leading streaming & social media platforms.


Pricing flexibility introduces two different ways that you can choose to pay for music distribution.


Full circle distribution puts you in complete control of how you reach your fans.

The Songflowr Philosophy

Make music distribution as artist-friendly as possible and put power back into the hands of musicians.

Full Circle Distribution

Get your music absolutely everywhere it needs to be and reach fans of all ages across the entire globe.

Automatic Royalty Splits

Just tell us who to pay, when, and how much to pay them. We’ll do the rest.

Grow Your Fanbase

Collect all of the user-data that your music is creating across each platform, track how fans are listening to you from where and hone in on your target audience.


Through Songflowr you are connected to the World Library Publication registration to ensure that no one else can upload your music without your permission.

Take Control of Your Music Business

Songflowr is a tool for independent music businesses that puts control back into the hands of the artists who use it.

Artist-Friendly Distribution