Artist Friendly Music Distribution

Independent artist music distribution. Distribute your music for life, pay only once per song or album. No royalty costs or subscriptions.

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Grow Your Music Business With Songflowr

Artist-friendly distribution means clients no longer have to think about recurring payments or royalty splits. Distribute music to over 100 streaming platforms with a one time fee. Once your song or album is up, you’ll never have to pay another penny to keep it on a streaming platform.

Lifetime Distribution

Release music to Spotify, Apple Music, and every important digital streaming platform across the world for life.

Keep Your Royalties

With Songflowr you get to keep 100% of the royalties you earn and you can schedule payouts whenever you want.

Locate A Target Audience

Your Songflowr dashboard helps you collect, organize, and use demographic information from your listeners across all of the streaming platforms. Songflowr collects this data and allows you to pinpoint your unique target audience.

Business Partnership

Songflowr aims to be the most artist friendly distribution company in the world. Support and service to you is our top priority.

Distribution for Independent Artists & Music Businesses

Learn how music distribution works and how Songflowr can help grow your audience and music business.

Find & Grow Your Fanbase

Release your music to millions of listeners across the world and gather the information needed to form your fanbase.



One time fee per song

Lifetime distribution

Keep 100% of your royalties




One time fee per album

Lifetime distribution

Keep 100% of your royalties

Up to 20 tracks

Read, Listen, Be Heard!

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