Artist Friendly Music Distribution

Reach billions of listeners across the globe and release your music to 125+ streaming & social media platforms.

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Sell Your Music With Songflowr

Pricing flexibility makes it easy for artists, managers, and record label owners to tailor-fit the way they use music distribution.

Full Circle Distribution

Get your music absolutely everywhere it needs to be and manage everything from one easy to use place.

Pricing Flexibility

Custom fit the way you pay for music distribution.

Build a Fanbase

Collect, track, and organize all of the analytics from your audience and build a passionate following.

Dedicated Support

Support and service to you is our top priority.

Grow Your Music Business

Learn how music distribution works and how Songflowr can help grow your audience and career.

Find Your Fans

Data is key! Songflowr collects demographic information about who is streaming your tracks from where to help you better understand what your exact target audience is.


Full Circle Distribution
One Time Payment Options
Automatic Royalty Splits
Easily Collaborate
Distribute to
 Over 125 Platforms
No Additional Fees

Price Options


$20 per release


$39 per year

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